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Hastings High School
Burbage, Hinckley LE10 2QE

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New Beginners

New students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Reflex Taekwondo is committed to providing classes that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach. Contact us today to book your FREE 3-lesson trial!

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More About Us

Our Background & Philosophy

Established in 1985, our core style is the original military Taekwondo, but we cover a wide variety of skills from other styles to prepare you as an all-round martial artist.

Though Taekwondo is renowned for its kicking techniques, we also place a great deal of importance on our students developing their punching ability. Keeping that in mind, we incorporate boxing pad workouts and drills into the classes. Our self-defence training is wide ranging covering many aspects such as escaping from grabs and holds, applying joint lock applications and optional additional classes on throws and groundwork techniques. Contact us today for more information.