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Instructors: Team

Master George Cockburn 8th Dan

Senior Instructor

Master Cockburn has been teaching Tae Kwon-Do for more than 35 years. Starting his training in martial arts at a very young age when he was first introduced to boxing by his father who had been a successful amateur fighter. At the age of 12, he started attending Judo classes and continued to be trained in this for several years. In 1974 he also started training in karate but in October 1975, just prior to reaching 16 he was introduced to Tae Kwon-Do (TKD) which became his main focus. He achieved his 1st dan (degree) black belt in March 1979 under Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. It was Master Rhee who had first brought TKD to the UK in 1967. 


Over the following years he continued to progress through the ranks, grading under the world renowned TKD Grand Master, Hee Il Cho, gaining his 5th dan in 1994. His 6th dan was awarded after he undertook a further belt test under Master Ted Hopwood 8th dan and Mr. Clive Harrison 6th dan, in May 2003. Global Tae Kwon-Do International awarded him his 7th dan Master status in November 2009 and his 8th dan in November 2018. Master Cockburn is an examiner on the GTI's national Black Belt Grading Panel and the current Chairman of the Association.


Mr. Joseph Cockburn 5th Dan


Mr. Joseph Cockburn is Master George Cockburn’s son and he also started his training at a young age and has been competing very successfully at both national and international level. Joseph has won his weight division at the GTI's British and English Championships on numerous occasions and has also achieved several silver and bronze medal positions when competing in both European and World Championships. He has been awarded the GTI's Best Black Belt Competitor of the Year trophy on five occasions. He has also attained his GTI Instructor Coaching qualification and is also qualified as a  tournament referee.

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