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Reflex Taekwondo
Martial Arts Classes in Hinckley

Do you want to keep fit and build your confidence by learning effective self-defence techniques? Reflex TKD Martial Arts is here for you. Enrol on one of our Taekwondo and self-defence classes today. Take a look at the various classes below and their membership fees.

FREE 3 lesson trial!

Your first three consecutive lessons are offered as a no obligation free trial so that you can experience the varying types of training involved before you make any commitment to join.

Class Times

Monday and Wednesday

6pm-7pm - Children (Family Class)

Minimum age 7 years

(Parents are welcome to train with their children in the 6pm class)

7pm-8pm - Adults & Older Teens Class


Monthly Fees

One class per week

£25 per month.


Two classes per week

£35 per month.


Discounted Rates

Family rates

NB. immediate family members: i.e. spouse, parent and child, siblings.


One class per week 

2 people - £45 per month.

3 or more - £50 per month.


Two classes per week

2 people - £65 per month.

3 or more - £70 per month. 


Emergency Services Personnel 

(serving police officers, fire & ambulance crew)


10% discount off our standard rates.


Association Licence and Insurance

 £25 per year. 

(Due after free 3-lesson trial)

This fee is for your licence with our governing association and includes both member to member and personal accident insurance. Our insurers offer potential new students free cover for their first three lessons, hence we are able to offer you the free 3-lesson trial.



Students take belt grades only when they are ready and can demonstrate they have reached the level of proficiency required for the grade to be taken. Depending on ability and the level of grade this can vary between once to three times per year. The majority of coloured belt examination fees are £25 but rise to £35 on the final three. Certification for successful candidates is provided by our governing association. 


Additional classes

We run occasional 2 hour sessions on a Saturday which are an additional option and normally focus on a specific skill set. These are available free to students training on the twice weekly plan with a small charge for those on the one lesson per week plan. 

Venue: Hastings High School (Gym), Burbage, Hinckley LE10 2QE
Classes & Fees: Teacher Training
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